The Wexner Center for the Arts 2017 summer series shines a spotlight on rarely screened gems from one of the most vibrant eras in American cinema.
Roughly measured between the fall of the studio system in the mid-1960s and the blockbuster mentality that followed Jaws and Star Wars in the early 1980s, the New Hollywood period was distinguished, in part, by an unusual measure of creative freedom given to filmmakers. While it witnessed the creation of Easy Rider, The Godfather, Chinatown, and Taxi Driver, many other impressive films were produced in this rich vein of American classics, including these 16 underappreciated “deep cuts” featuring some of our best-known directors and actors.
The New Hollywood: Deep Cuts 1967–78 social campaign connected the well known careers of New Hollywood greats with their lesser known works in the summer series.
Graphic Design and Branding, Kelly McNicholas
Creative Direction, Erica Anderson
Production, Sylke Krell
Editor, Ryan Shafer
Copy by Ryan Shafer and Mary Abowd

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