Dough Mama is a Columbus, OH cafe and bakery owned by classically trained pastry chef, Perrie Wilkof. Dough Mama’s menu is strongly influenced and inspired by stick-to-your-bones Americana with a twist, while still being conscientious of health, dietary diversity, well being, and innovation. Dough Mama changes their menu regularly to reflect the produce of the changing seasons and the cafe is a No-hate space.
Dough Mama wanted to include a new illustration packet from artist Dang Olsen into their brand. The refresh included a new logo suite, a redesigned website, updated print materials and expanded illustrations and photography. 
I created additional illustrations inspired by the Dough Mama space and
complimentary to the set by Dang Olsen. 
The updated website was created with squarespace.
Download my presentation decks

Lookie, lookie!

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