The Soft Plastic Diet

This is an over-packaging awareness tool disguised as a diet book. For two weeks I did research for this book by "dieting" from any food packaging in non-recyclable materials; including soft plastic, non-recyclable hard plastic, non recycled paperboard, and foils. 

Cover image Paul Miers via Flickr

2013-03/01_Cover.png 2013-03/03_soft plastic .png 2013-03/04_week one.png 2013-03/05_hard plastic.png 2013-03/06_week two.png 2013-03/07_paperboard.png 2013-03/08_week three.png 2013-03/10_metal foils.png 2013-03/11_week four.png 2013-03/09_types of paperboard.png