Rx Generation Information Graphic

This information graphic allows users to compare data on psychotherapeutic prescription drugs. I researched the history of mental illness and psychotherapeutics before visualizing what information users would need to draw their own conclusions about their particular illness and prescription. One graph shows which mental illnesses get prescribed which drugs, specifically the overlap of prescriptions for very different disorders. I compared it to the number of prescriptions written per disorder (popularity of the drug) and diagnosis per disorder (commonality of a disorder). I also included information about the relevance of different psychotherapeutics to groups monitoring its abuse. The groups were the United Nations (global) the United States Government (local), and drugs_forum.com (global public interest). The goal was to shed light on what psychotherapeutic drugs can and are used for, so users may have a greater understanding of the drug in their personal context.

2013-01/Final Infographic_01.jpg 2013-01/Final Infographic_in situ-02.png