Open This End: Contemporary Art from the Collection of Blake Byrne timeline/education wall in the hallway entering Urban Arts Space to the exhibition. The wall explains the themes that run through the exhibition and offers insight into the artist's work. Photos by Ada Matusiewicz.

2015-08/timeline_concepts_kelly_final-01.jpg 2015-10/BR4A6307_sm.jpg 2015-10/Timeline bay onesm.png 2015-10/bay 1 copy (1).jpg 2015-09/2015-09-05 12.34.34.jpg 2015-10/Timeline bay two-sm.png 2015-10/bay 2 copy (1).jpg 2015-09/2015-09-05 12.35.43.jpg 2015-10/Timeline bay threesm.png 2015-10/bay 3 (1).jpg 2015-10/BR4A5783_editsm.jpg 2015-10/Timeline bay foursm.png 2015-10/bay 4 (1).jpg 2015-10/BR4A5780edit.jpg 2015-09/2015-09-05 12.19.27.jpg 2015-09/2015-09-05 12.20.04.jpg